F. Scott Fitzgerald


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We’re all in search of the extraordinary. That’s why our vision is to bring your favorite quotes to life on canvas, for you to enjoy every day. Each artwork is printed with care on cotton canvas, for an exceptional quality that will last a lifetime.

For this canvas, we quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (1925), the classic novel of the Jazz Age. The line is written as Nick Carraway’s thought upon seeing Daisy Buchanan as she pulls up from the car. Nick and Jay Gatsby have been waiting for Daisy as a guest. This is the scene where Gatsby and Daisy are meeting again after so many years.

For the main graphic, we used Alcyone / Robe et manteau du soir, de Worth (1923), a fashion illustration in high resolution by George Barbier, to depict the Art Deco fashion statement of the era during which the novel is set.

This canvas is made of 100% cotton fabric built with a patented solid support face and a closed back. We use the latest printing technology to reproduce the image with outstanding quality and detail. For indoor use only.

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