James Joyce


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If you love literature and looking for something to spice up your doorway or living room, this piece is perfect for you. A line of Joyce’s masterpiece is reproduced on our canvas wall art using artist-grade cotton substrate that will make your walls glow with classic literature.

It’s more than just a text art, it’s an art of text. We’ve chosen a line from Ulysses (1922) by James Joyce, the master of textual art form, and turned it into a work of visual art. Joyce’s admonition to “shut your eyes” will let you see hidden meanings beyond words.

This meaningful line from Ulysses is paired, as its background print, with Piet Mondrian’s “Composition with Large Blue Plane, Red, Black, Yellow, and Gray” (1921), an abstract painting composed of geometric shapes, lines, and colors.

Show it off proudly and be reminded of the mystery of life. This canvas is made of 100% cotton fabric, built with a patented solid support face and a closed back. For indoor use only.

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