Charlotte Bronte


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The beautiful colors and fine texture of our 100% cotton canvas make for perfect wall art. The high-quality results are completed using the latest printing technology, which provides vivid colors and excellent clarity without sacrificing quality.

For this canvas, we’ve chosen a famous quote from Emily Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre published in 1847, which is about a woman’s inner struggles with her natural desires and social condition, as she battles many obstacles in her life.

For the background print, we used Sneeuwlandschap (1895) by Theo van Hoytema to depict the cold bleak surroundings of Bronte’s heroine which contrasts with her indomitable spirit and resolve for freedom, like a bird that cannot be ensnared.

Our canvases are made with premium artist-grade cotton substrate, which is a more durable material than other types of fabric. Plus, the substrate is a high-density weave that allows for a pristine finish!


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