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Ever wanted to bring the best of British fiction into your home? Now you can with our cotton canvas wall art printed with lines from The Time Machine (1895) by H.G. Wells.

This beautiful canvas is perfect for any fan of this incredible book or dystopian literature in general. Despite this novella’s bleak storyline, the quote from the book is a gentle reminder that there are still good things to come!

For the background print, we used the November meteors from the Trouvelot astronomical drawings (1881-1882) by E.L. Trouvelot (1827-1895). The meteor shower illustration is an oxymoron on the beauty of an unknown future, much like what the novel’s quotation exemplifies.

This eye-catching canvas is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate, which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity. Built with a closed back and a patented solid support face. For indoor use only.

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