Antoine de Saint Exupery


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For those who like to decorate their home with something that lasts, our canvas wall art is made with the best materials and is designed to last a lifetime. Unlike those posters you put on your walls, this is something you’ll be proud of and be looking at for years.

In this canvas, we used a passage from Antoine de Saint Exupery’s The Wisdom of the Sands (1950), an autobiography about his time spent in Africa as a pilot during World War II when his plane crashed in the desert. The story itself is about his thoughts on life and what he learned during his journey.

For the background print, we used Aircraft (1906-1945), a high resolution art print by Reijer Stolk—a Dutch graphic artist, sculptor, and painter—to represent the spirit of freedom through flight as what Exupery celebrated during his lifetime and immortalized in his writings.

Our canvases are made of 100% cotton fabric built with a patented solid support face and closed back, printed with high image quality and detail. For indoor use only.

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