Henrik Ibsen


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It’s time to decorate your walls with some words that’ll mean something to you. With a famous line from Henrik Ibsen’s play An Enemy of the People (1882), this perfectly printed cotton canvas is the perfect way to add a personal sentiment to your room!

Inspire yourself to take action with this print of the timeless classic about a community’s vilification of a medical officer when he starts inspecting the polluted water in the town’s public baths. The quoted passage reflects the protagonist’s stand against his critics which also mirrors Ibsen’s staunch support against his own play’s controversies.

For the main graphic, we used Bald Tree (1919) illustration by Julie de Graag (1877-1924) for its metaphor of an intellectually naked man in the midst of dissenting opinion of the majority, standing alone to defend his noble cause.

This canvas is made of 100% cotton and built with a patented solid support face and closed back. Our latest printing technology ensures high image quality and detail. For indoor use only.

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